The Antrim Maintenance Corporation is a mandatory membership
organization established for the maintenance estate (open
spaces). It is a volunteer run, non-profit organization that
maintains the community by-laws and financial solvency, by
determining the yearly fees for community expenses.

The community of Antrim is located in Bear, Delaware, just north
of the C&D Canal in full view of the Route 1 bridge.   Antrim is a
deed restricted community comprised of 99 single family homes
and 39 acres of open space.

A quiet, refined neighborhood with homes situated on a minimum
3/4 acres, gives it the feel of being in the country. Spacious luxury
allows for star gazing in the evenings and watching the lights of
the beautiful Route 1 bridge.  The homes were built in 2002-2007
by either Anderson Homes or Ryan Homes.

These web pages are intended to provide information regarding
issues of deed restrictions, architectural review, and matters
pertaining to the open spaces. We hope you find these page
Community Information
Our Antrim Neighborhood

Welcome to the home page for the
Antrim Maintenance Corporation,
located in Bear, Delaware.
Community News
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Maintenance Corporation
Portions of this website were last updated 04/04/2018
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April 04, 2018
Updated note on Meetings page regarding next community
meeting - TBD - to follow successful election.

Results of the election - incomplete.  We have not reached the
minimum number of votes required to seat a board.  If you
have not voted, please do at your earliest convenience. It will
only take a couple of minutes.  Information about the
candidates will be added to the Vote2018 page for those
unfamiliar with who is on the ballot.  Check back this week for
more information!

March 21, 2018
Voting is now open for the new Antrim Board.  There are 11
candidates, 8 of which will be elected to the Board by your
vote.  Voting closes at Midnight Sunday, so don't delay, Vote
NOW.  Voting will only take 5 minutes at most.

March 19, 2018
After a couple of years' hiatus, the website is back online.  All
of the pages within the website still need to be updated, so
see the "footer" at the bottom of each page to see when it was
last updated.  The most important pages will be updated first,
those being the Voting page, this Home page and the
Assessments page.  More information to follow.

January 15, 2016
After a few weeks of frustration, the voting page is complete,
uploaded to the web site, is active and available for voting for
the 2016 Annual Operating Budget and the 2016 Board
Members.  The cut off for voting is the end of January, so
please don't delay.  It will only take a few minutes to vote, so
select the links to the left or this link and do it now.  That will
be one more thing that you can check off the To Do List.
Thank you for your time.

January 1, 2016
Happy New Year to Everyone!

It's time once again to vote on the Annual Operating Budget
and for Board members for manage the Antrim Maintenance
Corporation for 2016.  Look for the signs at the front of the
community which will notify you of when the voting page is

November 17, 2015
We have a date for the Annual Community Meeting -
November 23rd, starting promptly at 7 pm at Troop 2 on Route
40.  See the
Meetings page for directions to Troop 2.  

Everyone is encouraged to attend this meeting to meet other
members of the community, the Board and committee
members and to be a part of the budget process as well as
voting for Board members.  

Now that I've mentioned Board and committee members, we
really do need some new members of the community to
become involved in the operation of the community.  We have
open Board positions this year and can always make room for
a new committee member on any of the committees.  For
more information, please see the
Board page or forward an
email to  We hope to see you on
Annual Election for Board and
Operating Budget
Voting Open from 03/21 thru 04/08
Please Vote Now
Select the
Vote2018 from here or
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